"We don’t stand between government aid and people in need. We stand with people in need so they no longer need the government."


Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, Mercury One works immediately from the ground up. Through community and religious organizations in disaster areas, we aim to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible––not just for immediate needs, but for longterm community rebuilding.


They served us, now it is our turn to serve them. We will not forget our nation’s heroes on the homefront. Mercury One seeks to provide our nations military and veterans with the resources they need to reintegrate to civilian life and overcome PTSD while showing them our appreciation for their sacrifices.


The eternal home of the Jewish people is under constant attack. As the birthplace of our Judeo-Christian values and the only true friend and ally in the Middle East, Mercury One is proud to stand with Israel and her people through support of citizen services and the IDF.


Our future hinges on our ability to learn from our past. We inspire people to find their place in the story, so that together we can face tomorrow’s challenges with boldness.