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Dallas International Film Festival

Mercury One literally “rolled out the red carpet” for the Dallas Film Society High School students this year at the High Roundtable event at Mercury Studios as well as at the annual DIFF High School Day.  Students felt like celebrities as their pictures taken as they walked the red carpet…and M1 Staff also got caught in the act! 😉

On March 31st, Mercury One had the privilege to be a part of and sponsor the Dallas International Film Festival on High School Day! We brought in some of our favorite artifacts from our collection to share with the future filmmakers such as the Ruby Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz, a Jurassic Park Velociraptor Egg, a Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the list goes on!

The day of the event we had various members of our Mercury family participate in the lectures going on, which included Doc Thompson speaking on the topic of “Theater of the Mind” – one of the five rotating lectures. The other four topics the students learned about were “Animation – For the Love of Storytelling,” “Design and Atmosphere,” “Five Steps to a More Polished Production,” and “Your Camera Acting Career – Take 1: Action.” They certainly got their fill of practical information!

Mercury One was thrilled to be able to participate in and support this event as the culmination of our year-long backing of the Dallas Film Society. Leading up to this amazing and fun educational event for the high school students, the Dallas Film Society held bi-monthly “roundtable” meetings at various venues in Dallas which allowed students to get to meet and know other students in the area and to learn from and speak with several professionals in the film industry!

The March roundtable was held at Mercury Studios, where students and teachers were treated to an exclusive tour of the studios and a history of the complex. (Film Fun Fact: Born on the 4th of July, Robo Cop, Silkwood, JFK, Problem Child, Walker Texas Ranger, Barney, Dallas, and Prison Break were all filmed in Mercury Radio Arts’ very own studios!) The tours of the sets, design, construction and lighting were given by Mercury talent, producers and staff, including Doc Thompson, Brad Staggs, Beth Knott, and Chuck Ekl.

We were lucky to have many talented people from the film industry on hand throughout the day to give the students a full 360-degree view of the world they are hoping to enter soon. John Di Domenico, Trump impersonator, welcomed and surprised the students as they entered the redecorated Oval Office set in Studio 19, which started our day on a great (and hilarious) note. Chad Prather, YouTube star, met with the students in Studio 33 and shared advice about life and career choices. And finally, Chuck Conrad, owner of Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communications, brought microphones used and seen on the filming of JFK as well as other movie and broadcast memorabilia to share with our guests. We concluded the day with Dallas Film Society’s “How to Fest” presentation designed to help students get the most out of the 2017 Dallas Independent Film Festival.

We feel so blessed to have Dallas Film Society as a partner to mentor the next generation of film makers – we are sure that these students have a very bright future ahead of them!

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