California Wildfires

CURRENT WORK – California Wildfires 

At this moment, three major wildfires are ripping through the state of California, leaving destruction and heartbreak in their wake. Our hearts break for the people of California, and we’re doing everything in our power to help. Now, more than ever, we need your help: these fires are far from being contained and this week’s forecast of strong winds and low humidity will only worsen conditions. Learn more about how you can help. 

Mercury One has always been committed to helping those in their time of need. This country is full of amazing, hardworking people, and it just breaks our hearts when disaster strikes and takes everything they’ve worked so hard for, and sometimes even their lives or the lives of their family and friends. Find updates on current disaster work we’re doing or information about disasters we’ve worked on in the past below.



Mercury One is proud to support projects all over the United States and its territories. As disaster situations continue to become more and more frequent, we have to focus where our donors’ dollars will have the most impact, which often means responding to the hardest hit areas.



We work with dozens of amazing organizations that do the work on the ground. As always, Mercury One and our partners are the first on the scene and oftentimes the last to leave. We will leave no project if it is not 100% done and done right.

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Mother Nature spares no one when it comes to natural disasters. Whether it be a wildfire, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood or whatever she may throw at this Nation, Mercury One has a team of experts in response, no matter the type of disaster.



CARR Fire July 2018

For weeks, the community of Redding, California were forced to leave their homes as a devastating wildfire burned over 150,000 acres in Redding.

California Wildfires October 2017

Southern California experienced six major and devastating wildfires in 2017. The ruthless Santa Ana winds and low humidity caused the wildfires to spread quickly throughout the southern part of the state.

Hurricane Maria September 2017

On September 20, Hurricane Maria whipped Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm and drenched the island with catastrophic flooding, leaving the entire country in what has been called apocalyptic devastation.

Hurricane Irma September 2017

Sunday, September 10, Hurricane Irma hit the Florida coast after battering the Caribbean. In the early hours of the morning, Irma hit as a Category 4 storm and wreaked havoc causing devasting damage to parts of Florida and the Caribbean.

Hurricane Harvey August 2017

Hurricane Harvey arrived in Texas as a strong Category 4 storm and left a path of devastation. Harvey was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, that stalled out over the Texas Coast Region. Houston alone was hit with over 20 trillion gallons of rain.

Southeast Tornadoes January 2017

In 2017 a series of tornadoes broke out across the southeast states of Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina causing destruction across its communities.

Gatlinburg Wildfires November 2016

Over a week, wildfires that started out small in the Smoky Mountains have spread to hundreds of acres of inhabited land. High winds knocked down trees into power lines, sparking even more new fires and spreading embers over large distances.

Hurricane Matthew October 2016

Starting as a Category 4 storm and downgrading to a Category 1, the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew left downed trees, power lines and 1.6 million people without power.

West Virginia Flooding June 2016

The fury of Mother Nature had left 44 of the state’s 55 counties under a state of emergency. Truckloads of building materials and supplies were needed to start the rebuilding process after these devastating floods.

Louisiana Flooding August 2016

In 2016, devastating floods caused a magnitude of destruction in Louisiana. Mercury One and our partners stepped in to help those affected by the floods throughout the state.

Texas Flooding June 2016

In April 2016, Mercury One and our partners were on the ground assisting flood victims in and around Deweyville, TX. Over 3,000 homes had been impacted by the flooding in the Deweyville area.

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