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The death toll from the Southeast tornado outbreak this past weekend stands at 19, with expectation that this number could rise because of various missing persons. Four of these deaths were in Mississippi and 15 of them occurred in Georgia alone. Although the death toll remains centered in two states, this storm system was so large that tornadoes threatened even the Carolinas and North Florida.

39 tornadoes have been reported but not all have been confirmed; of these, 30 were reported in Georgia, four in Mississippi and one each in Louisiana and South Carolina. Weather experts say that January tornado outbreaks are rare in most of the country except in the south, where tornadoes can hit any time of the year.

Mercury One has always worked with partners directly; however, we want your donations to go straight to their efforts on the ground. CitiImpact and Gleaning for the World are working with local churches in the affected areas by sending supplies and truckloads of needs to be dispersed. These partners empower churches to provide another layer of positive impact in their communities. Team Rubicon is providing debris removal assistance along the path of destruction with their teams of highly trained volunteer veterans.

Consider donating to these worthy causes today.

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Louisiana + Mississippi Tornadoes Update: 2/8

In addition to the tornadoes that swept the southeast not very long ago, eight more tornadoes have torn through Louisiana and Mississippi this week. Four of these tornadoes have been confirmed. The National Weather Service assigned an EF3 rating to the tornado, making it the strongest tornado to hit Orleans Parish since records began in 1950.

Total property damage has not been reported yet, but 31 people are injured. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported at this time in Louisiana and Mississippi. The tornado also damaged NASA’a Michoud Assembly Facility and the USDA’s National Finance Center’s Primary Business Center.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Donaldsonville, Ponchatoula and Killian were all affected by these tornadoes.

The same partners we were working with on the Southeast Tornadoes are on the ground in Louisiana and Mississippi now. Please consider donating directly to Team Rubicon, CitiImpact and Gleaning for the World.

Somebody Cares America

Somebody Cares America is partnering with local churches in New Orleans to provide water, non-perishable food, blankets and other essentials to these families as they begin the road to recovery. On the ground partners are also helping with clean up and crisis counseling.

Visit their website to donate to their clean up efforts.

Team Rubicon logo

Team Rubicon currently has operations in Mississippi, East Texas and Albany, Georgia, to do cleanup and debris removal.

Visit their website to donate to their clean up efforts.

CitiImpact ministries logo

CitiImpact is responding to the needs of those affected by the deadly tornadoes with a team on the ground and supplies being transported to the affected areas.

Visit their website to donate to CitiImpact’s efforts on the ground.

Gleaning for the world logo

Gleaning For The World is partnering with Celebration Church in New Orleans to provide 48,000 bottles of drinking water and other critical humanitarian relief supplies to families impacted the tornadoes.

Visit their website to donate to their efforts.

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