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The Battle of Stony Point

The Battle of Stony Point on the night of July 16, 1779 was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. In a well-planned attack, George Washington’s Continental Army troops, under the command of Brigadier General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, defeated British troops in a risky assault at their station in Stony Point, New York. Within twenty-five minutes, the fort on the Stony Point peninsula had fallen and the British troops surrendered. The Americans had fifteen casualties and 83 wounded; the British had twenty killed and 63 wounded.

Three of the officers that led the attack, including Wayne, were awarded special congressional medals. Awarding three medals for one battle was significant since Congress only awarded 11 during the entire eight years of war. The battle served as an important victory in terms of morale for the Continental Army. After the attack, Wayne wrote to Washington letting him know about the soldiers’ triumph during the battle. In the Stony Point letter, Wayne wrote “your officers and men fought like men determined to be free.” Throughout the American Revolution our Founding Fathers and military fought hard for the freedom we now have.

There are two lessons we must remember. One, that the freedom of the American people is precious and should not be taken for granted. Two, that it was our Founding Fathers who ensured us these freedoms and our military who continues to fight for us to keep them.

Pictured below is the letter from “Mad Anthony” Wayne to George Washington in 1779 after the Battle of Stony Point.

Battle of Stony Point


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rough edge
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