Various images of volunteers


Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Mercury One! We are so grateful for the generosity, commitment, and faithful dedication of our volunteers. Whether helping us in our local office, or at events around the nation, our volunteers have proven time and again to be true heroes to this organization, and all those we support. You truly are the “One” in Mercury One.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic team of volunteers, please click below to fill out your application. Additionally, we ask that you fill out the 4 forms of our volunteer packet below (also available to download at the end of the volunteer application), and submit them into your account. Please note that one of the forms is a background check, which is required of all volunteers, as Mercury One is dedicated to ensuring a safe working environment in all situations.

Once your application has been processed and approved, you will have the ability to sign up for all kinds of volunteer opportunities with Mercury One, whether that be at an event, in the office, or even assisting us remotely! There are so many ways to help, and your contribution can make all the difference.

To volunteer, please click the buttons below to download the required documentation.