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Mercury One is wrapping up our efforts in West Virginia by moving the last truckloads of building supplies and fresh produce to the four communities hit the hardest by the flooding two months ago. We want to thank our Mercury One audience and loyal friends for what you have allowed us to accomplish there. You are truly allowing us to rebuild lives so that those affected can live in dignity.

You have provided funds to move truckloads of bottled water, commercial-grade debris removal gloves, granulated lime to kill the septic bacteria in the soil, enough building supplies to restore 60+ families’ homes, and the ability for our partners to remain on the ground long after many organizations have pulled up the rug and gone home.

One important aspect of the funding you have provided is a food pantry for a small community who lost their grocery store, dollar store and food mart as well as the downsizing of their community from 10,000 people to 2,000 people due to eight coal mines closing in the last seven years in this community alone. The food pantry is being maintained by Pastor Gary Carpenter and his wife Leslie from First Baptist Church of Richwood, VA. You have also funded enough food for this pantry to supply 10,000 meals. Thank you so very much for allowing Mercury One to do what we love to do…restore lives and the human spirit.

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